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Photos: People treated with the NormaTec pheumatic compresion deviceLymphedema is a troubling and often persistent problem that afflicts both men and women. Women who have had a mastectomy and radiation for treatment of breast cancer are particularly susceptible to this problem. However, it may also occur with venous insufficiency and as a consequence of a variety of other problems including total knee replacement.

Treatment of postoperative swelling after knee surgery speeds the rehabilitative process. We have found that the manual and pump treatments currently available in the community are either not as effective as we would wish, or that they are time consuming and costly. We have been working with the NormaTec pneumatic compression device, a highly effective means of reducing acquired or congenital lymphedema conveniently in the privacy of your own home. The device is fully covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. View the NormaTec brochure and spec sheet (PDF files) or the NormaTec web site.


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